We plan to establish our presence in more than 100 countries in the next 10 years’ Tanveer Mohiuddin

 We plan to establish our presence in more than 100 countries in the next 10 years’ Tanveer Mohiuddin

Interview with life coach and founder of the CKH Network Kamrul Hassan

Kamrul Hassan is a speaker, coach and founder of the CKH Network, who helps thousands of youngsters all over the country to gain valuable life skills. Son of a school teacher, Hassan comes from a humble beginning and worked his way up to where he is now.

After coming to Dhaka in 1994 to attend Dhaka College for his HSC, Hassan began to earn for himself to pay tuition. He sold encyclopedias on the streets of Dhaka and later to corporate houses. While still an undergraduate student, he landed a job at the multinational bank HSBC.

He went onto study MBA at the North South University and later in 2019 attended in a program titled ‘Leadership Strategies on Coaching’ at Harvard University

After working for a number of top-level corporate houses, Hassan decided to retire from his job and pursue a career in life coaching. Dhaka Tribune spoke to Kamrul Hassan to know more.

What made you want to work with the youth and help them develop their skills?

I’m a dreamer and I decided to quit my corporate career to fulfil my potential in life. That’s what I’m doing from ‘CKH Network,’ to transform the nation through developing the youths of Bangladesh.

I’m working for human capacity development, in the space of employability skills and entrepreneurship development. Specifically, I want to help the nation’s hundreds of millions of youths with developing their most valuable asset, their mindsets. They need to convert from being a doubter to a believer. Everything is a possibility if one can believe in the first place. Once you start believing in yourselves to achieve something, things will start to change as you take small steps towards your goal slowly.

A couple of questions changed the trajectory of my thoughts forever. I began to ask myself questions like, how do I want to be remembered and what can I do for the others. To know the answer, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to serving the youth to help them to fulfil their full potential. That’s my current dream. I refuse to leave the planet unnoticed and I want to make my footprint marked through my work.

Do you only provide training and grooming to develop ‘soft skills?’

Alongside soft skills development, I strongly focus on mindsets development, spiritual development and holistic well-being for life. I help and challenge others to think big and think beyond, what we don’t see due to our limiting vision and beliefs. The biggest problem of mankind is we simply don’t think enough.

What specific soft skills do you work on usually?

Well, the kind of soft skills that we put emphasis on are communications skills, attitude and positive behavioural skills, problem-solving, customer centricity, entrepreneurial mindsets, teamwork, workplace awareness and digital literacy.

Tell us about the online career development summit by CKH Network.

We had an overwhelming response from the people, which I consider a success. More than 12,000 participants registered and 91 speakers attended from all over the world. The event had a total of 84 hours of the live program over 8 days of learning and development. It reached more than 5 million people. I believe online learning is the future of education.

Do you plan to organize another one shortly?

Yes, from October 16-18 we are going to organise our next international summit. It’s a Jump Movement Empowerment Summit, titled ‘Enlightenment by Engagement.’ Jump Movement is a Dutch company and I represent them for Asia, and it has a profound 7-step process to help any human being to solve any issues, be it professional, personal or national.

How can young entrepreneurs benefit from this?

Entrepreneurs need more learning and development opportunities than most other people.  About 90% of young entrepreneurs are failing to succeed due to a lack of proper understanding and an absence of entrepreneurial mindset. To be successful in this space and time, one must have a thinking and resilient mind more than anything!

What are your future plans with CKH Network?

Within the next 5 years, we will train and develop at least one million youths through our platform CKH Network and within the next 10 years, we plan to establish our presence around the world – in more than 100 nations.

To do it, we need to bring experts from around the world and youngsters need to come forward to help themselves and grow.

What is the most interesting piece of knowledge you gathered in your work?

The most interesting thing, I have realised is that the biggest gap lies in our education system. The whole purpose of education is missing. It’s time to rethink and revisit the entire education system from the primary school to the university level. The whole purpose of education should be to design the curriculum around the principle of realising the full potential of human beings and their wellbeing. So, I decided to work with this and no one is working in this spectrum. I found that to be the most interesting thing I have realised as of yet.

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