China not to build new coal-based power plant in Bangladesh:

Chinese ambassador Li Jiming on Tuesday said that his country would not build any new coal-based power plant in Bangladesh. ‘China will also strongly support Bangladesh’s green and low-carbon energy development, and will no longer build new coal power projects in Bangladesh,’ he said at the seventh council of Chinese Enterprise Association in Bangladesh (CEAB) […]Read More

North Korea fires ‘missile’, insists on right to weapons tests

Nuclear-armed North Korea fired a presumed short-range missile into the sea on Tuesday, the South’s military said, as Pyongyang’s UN ambassador insisted it had an undeniable right to test its weapons. The projectile was fired from the northern province of Jagang into waters off the east coast, according to South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff, […]Read More

Afghan envoy cancels address on final day of UN meeting

Afghanistan’s envoy to the UN pulled out of delivering an address to the General Assembly Monday, as the diplomatic marathon that saw 100 leaders defy coronavirus fears to meet in person in New York drew to a close. Ghulam Isaczai, who represented president Ashraf Ghani’s regime that was ousted last month, had been due to […]Read More

Hundreds of Russians join Moscow protest over parliamentary election

Hundreds of people, angered by last week’s parliamentary election, joined a protest in central Moscow on Saturday, holding posters carrying slogans such as “bring back the elections”. The protest was organised by several politicians, most of them Communists, saying they were cheated of victory by an online voting system and calling for the system to […]Read More

Eminent citizens urge govt to enact law for reconstituting EC

A total of 53 eminent citizens of the country have blasted the last two election commissions and called the government for immediate reconstitution of the commission with an enactment of law as per the constitution. An initiative to reconstitute the election commission must begin immediately with an enactment of a law as per the constitution […]Read More

ADB approves $250 million loan for Bangladesh’s economic recovery

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $250 million policy-based loan to support Bangladesh’s economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the first subprogramme of the programmatic $500 million Sustainable Economic Recovery Programme, ADB said in a statement yesterday. The objective of the programme is to facilitate a rapid and sustainable recovery from […]Read More

Many countries keen to sell weapons to Bangladesh

A number of countries that produce military equipment are keen to sell their products and services to Bangladesh and widen the defense cooperation with it. The countries, which have sought to install mechanisms or to make the existing instruments operational for providing military supplies to Bangladesh, include the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, […]Read More

US to send extra 2.5m Covid vaccine doses to Bangladesh:

According to an AFP database, only 9.3 per cent of Bangladesh’s population had been fully vaccinated as of this week The United States is shipping another 2.5 million Covid vaccine doses to hard-hit Bangladesh, a White House official told AFP on Thursday, after the Biden administration announced a ramping up of global donations. The latest […]Read More

Maritime Disputes With India: Bangladesh asks UN to settle issues

Bangladesh has made a formal objection to the UN Secretary-General over certain maritime issues with India that are continuing even after their settlement in 2014. The issues pertain to the baseline and continental shelf used by India in the 25,602 square kilometres of disputed waters in the Bay of Bengal. The baseline is the line […]Read More

AUKUS: a blunder follows a mega mess

US PRESIDENT Biden’s failure to remember the Australian prime minister’s name while launching the Australia, UK and US, or the AUKUS, strategic pact at a virtual summit of the heads of governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia may have been a lapse of memory. His reference to Scott Morrison as ‘that […]Read More