About Us

DIPLOMAT & GLOBAL BANGLADESH is the premier international current-affairs magazine as window of Bangladesh on the World. It is the very first diplomatic magazine in the Bangladesh´s history, since its launch in 2008 as a monthly publication of The People. DIPLOMAT & GLOBAL BANGLADESH is published in English every month in Dhaka. A great part of its readers comprises foreign diplomats and Honorary Consuls in Bangladesh. Representatives of the foreign media, high-level administrators of the international Organizations, UN, International Agencies and the groups such as foreign trade and culture centers in Bangladesh take place among the readers of DIPLOMAT & GLOBAL BANGLADESH.

In DIPLOMAT & GLOBAL BANGLADESH, there are news regarding the activities of the foreign embassies, Consulates, UN, International Agencies, Foreign Chambers in our country, the interviews made with the ambassadors, the news concerning the developments about Bangladesh’s foreign relations, in addition to the issues such as promotion, culture, art and life style.

The Diplomat & Global Bangladesh has a readership of senior members of the diplomatic community in Bangladesh. The magazines are personally addressed and delivered to all senior foreign diplomats and their spouses. The exclusive mailing list is constantly updated.

The Diplomatic community in Bangladesh is a powerful economic force as well as a politically influential one.

Diplomat & Global Bangladesh has been dedicated to quality analysis and commentary on events occurring in Asia and around the world. Diplomat & Global Bangladesh reaches an influential audience of commentators, policymakers and academics with its in-depth treatment of regional issues.

We aim to promote the diffusion of diplomatic and international relations, including academic and social diplomatic issues. Our staff is composed of volunteer contributing writers from Bangladesh and abroad.

To receive the media pack please contact-  editor.diplomat@gmail.com