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Afghan envoy cancels address on final day of UN meeting

Afghanistan’s envoy to the UN pulled out of delivering an address to the General Assembly Monday, as the diplomatic marathon that saw 100 leaders defy coronavirus fears to meet in person in New York drew to a close. Ghulam Isaczai, who represented president Ashraf Ghani’s regime that was ousted last month, had been due to […]Read More

What the Taliban may be getting wrong about Islamic governance

There is no single and absolute reading of Islamic law that can guide an Islamic state. It is all open to debate. The Taliban has been evasive about the details of the state its leadership wishes to establish in Afghanistan. Given the horror with which most Afghans, as well as the international community, remember the […]Read More

My enemy’s enemy is my friend

by M Serajul Islam In this picture taken on August 13, a Taliban fighter holds a rocket-propelled grenade along the roadside in Herat, Afghanistan’s third biggest city, after government forces pulled out the day before following weeks of being under siege.— Agence France Presse DRAMATIC developments are taking place in world politics and strategic affairs. […]Read More

Taliban all smiles in captured Afghan cities as northern blitz

As residents of Kunduz fled the northern Afghan city in fear for their lives this week, its Taliban captors were all smiles. One bearded fighter patrolling the city, clad in camouflage with a gun slung over his shoulder, beamed ear-to-ear as he offered a friendly handshake to an arm extended from a car window. Buoyed […]Read More