Recognising Taliban govt soon unlikely, says Shahriar

 Recognising Taliban govt soon unlikely, says Shahriar

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid gestures during a press conference in Kabul on August 24, 2021 after the Taliban stunning takeover of Afghanistan. – AFP photo

Bangladesh to engage in UN, EU dialogue

The Bangladesh government will go slow in according formal recognition to the interim government installed by the Taliban in trouble-torn Afghanistan, state minister for foreign affairs M Shahriar Alam said on Wednesday.

Bangladesh will, however, engage with the United Nations and the European Union in the dialogue on mobilising resources for the development of Afghanistan, he said.

‘We are in no hurry. We are observing. An interim government has just been announced and we’re waiting for the Afghans to form a permanent government,’ the minister said at his office.

Bangladesh expects that the new Afghan regime will form an inclusive government based on some principles, including those of peace, stability and empowerment of women, Shahriar said.

The UN and EU wanted to know whether Bangladesh would be interested in engaging in dialogue on Afghan issues, he said, adding, ‘and we will work with them.’

Shahriar said that 10 Bangladeshis were still stranded in Afghanistan and seven of them might prefer to stay in the country while three NGO workers might return home at the earliest opportunities.

The minister turned down the possibility of Bangladeshi people’s going to Afghanistan to join the Taliban.

People with extreme views may harbour similar ideology but there is hardly any scope now for them to go to Afghanistan, he added.

Most of the 160 Afghan students of Asian University for Women at Chattogram in Bangladesh have expressed intent to go to the United States as ‘stateless’ people instead of coming to the university campus.

‘The Afghan students are unlikely to return soon as most of them, according to the information we have received, have opted to go to the US instead of coming to Bangladesh,’ foreign ministry secretary Mashfee Binte Shams said on Wednesday.

The Bangladesh authorities were ready for granting them approval to facilitate their long stay here, she said.

The US authorities evacuated most of the Afghan students of AUW from Kabul to a military base in Riyadh of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on August 30. They were, later, transferred to a US military base in Spain, according to diplomatic sources.

Asian University for Women officials too confirmed that they were aware about the preference of most of the students for going to the US instead of coming to the deserted campus now.

The university authorities are planning to open the campus in January 2022 again as they are expected to receive most of the foreign students after the easing of air travel restrictions by countries in the region by December this year, they added.

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