Afghanistan – Freedom or Islamic Victory : The truth

 Afghanistan – Freedom or Islamic Victory : The truth

Historically, every time the US announces a military withdrawal from an occupied country, magically, a terrorist attack occurs. This happened in Syria, Iraq and now, in Afghanistan. This gives the US reasons to cotinue its involvement to fight the new brand of “terrorists” and a renewed “radical Islamic terrorism” (a concoction of the US and Israel) false rhetoric.

The absolute real winners in a war are arms companies such as Lockheed Martin. These companies take in trillions, keep the politicians on their payroll, who in turn pass laws to send the military to “fight terrorism”.

Many people (particularly Bangladeshis) are rejoicing about “Afghanistan being returned to their people.” Clearly, people have short memories.

Reminder: The Trump administration made a deal with the Taliban bypassing the government of Ashraf Ghani. The Taliban were neither elected into power, nor did they win a war, nor do they represent the vast majority of the people of Afghanistan. They are as much placed where they are by the US as the other governments. The US is also holding all the funds of their central bank.

Anyone believing that this is some great Islamic victory against imperialism is daydreaming. The US will always be present, it chose to place the Taliban in power and the Taliban are far, far from the definition of a good Muslim.

The benefits of war (as shown in the photo) are too great. It’s unfortunate that people fall into the trap of believing the rhetoric.

Sabira Chowdhury Balland

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